The core business of the company is production of forgings on presses and hammers as per customer drawings. Forgings weight ranges from 50 kg to 7 t. These are forgings of shafts and cylinders, forgings of multiple-diameter parts, forgings of couplings, disks, bars, plates etc.

By filling out the form below, you can calculate the weight and cost, as well as order the required forging. This form determines configures the forging automatically (disk, ring or coupling for round forgings, and cube or bar for square forgings). You can also configure the forging manually on the Calculation page

Production of forgings on presses and hammers as per customer drawings.


Aratta Invest LLC team has been working since 2003. The company is located in Eastern Ukraine, in Dnepropetrovsk city. This region is justifiably recognized as metallurgical center of the country.


Our company’s activity is focused on large-scale production of hammer and press forgings. We manufacture forgings according to drawings submitted by the customer. Forgings weight ranges from 50 kilograms to 7 tonnes. We perfectly mastered the skills of manufacturing the most diverse types of forgings: from forgings for gear wheels to the ones for multiple-diameter parts. Depending on customer requests, we manufacture forgings from carbon steel, low-alloy steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel. Each of them has its advantages and is suitable for production of specific parts. We use a complex approach in our work by combining up-to-date equipment, experienced personnel, various materials and methods of forgings production.

First of all, we focus our attention on the quality of output products that fully comply with GOST standards. Only highly qualified personnel are employed in our company, which allows us to guarantee the highest qualitative characteristics of each production unit.

Our products are well-reputed not only in Ukrainian market, but also outside the country. Our forgings are also in demand in CIS and far-abroad countries.

The products are shipped from two equipped warehouses with convenient access roads and a branch line. The company is located not far from the country’s external borders, which distinguishes us advantageously for the foreign consumers.

If necessary, you can contact our managers, who will gladly answer all your questions. You won’t regret ordering forgings from our company. We will make sure that our cooperation is mutually beneficial and pleasant in all respects.



49054, г. Dnepropetrovsk
Blagoeva str, 31zh, 702



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